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Cameron Chisholm


The world is in a unique moment of turbulent change and intensive introspection. We are creating more history than we can consume, and our antiquated modes of thinking and lumbering bureaucracies cannot keep up.

In my role as Vice President at Creative Learning and the leader of IPSI, I am constantly striving for better. Better and more realistic training for peacebuilders (and that includes development practitioners, the private sector, and the armed services). Better bridges between theory and practice. Better utilization of technology and data for peace. Better systems for collaboration between the myriad of well-intentioned local and international actors on the frontlines. Better implementation of peace and development projects focused on local systems and strengthening existing resiliencies. Better understanding of the critical roles of identity and governance (or lack thereof) in spurning violent political movements. Better networks of individuals and groups from which to learn and with which to collaborate for innovation in the peacebuilding field. Better prevention. Better institutions. Better connections. A better future.

Cameron Chisholm


active 2 years ago