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Stephen W

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President and Co-Founder at 2 Wolves Consulting, PBC


President and Co-Founder


2 Wolves Consulting, PBC


Management Consulting



Austin, Texas Area



We are a public benefit corporation, a “B Corp”, prioritizing and promoting a focus that while doing good in the world comes first”, profits will be attained. We believe that business, operating from a place of consciousness, awareness and ethics can change the world and make a profit. We facilitate the journey with our multi-sector approach and cutting edge Design Thinking consulting technology enhanced by a diverse and seasoned team with global experience. We seek intractable problems, the issues that keep CEO’s up at night, and facilitate solutions for business leaders facing a global environment that is marked by increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, (VUCA), conditions, as noted by our Chief Innovator and Co Founder, Fred Krakow, in his chapter in “Exceptional Leadership by Design”.
Former CEO of Peace Through Commerce, a global non profit, focusing on peace and prosperity in the world. Stephen recently led a PTC Nobel Peace Prize Forum Design Team, Oslo 2017. The team interviewed, observed and analyzed the workings of Nobel Forum principals and the Laureate. Stephen Co-Authored the original Analysis of the Forum delivered to the Nobel Peace Prize Institute.
Stephen is the former CEO of JMJ Associates, the largest transformational consultancy in the world serving the energy, mining/metals, manufacturing and construction industries. Stephen served as CEO for 14 years, a global citizen, working around the world and serving in two expat experiences in London, UK. His leadership was dedicated to making a significant difference globally by making the world of work a safer place. During Stephen’s tenure as CEO, JMJ changed the point of view of what business can make possible for humanity and the world, while STILL MAKING A PROFIT. Under Stephen’s leadership JMJ established 10 major offices and numerous satellite offices in 38 countries on 5 continents with the capacity to deliver the work in 28 languages.

Stephen W


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